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About RPM

“Without trust there is nothing.” These five simple words have been the building blocks for RPM Landscape Contractor. From customers and vendors, to each and every member of the RPM team, all aspects of business at RPM Landscaping are rooted with trust. Crucial to our success, our potential customers must feel confident when making their decision; to understand that we have their best interests in mind. This holds true with our return customers alike. At RPM we take each customer’s requests and concerns, and we address them exclusively. In turn, having this approach boosts customer confidence, and helps customers reach their project goal which they otherwise thought might not be possible. This being said we at RPM have set forth the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Respect. We approach every situation with these principles in hand; attract team members whose values coincide with our own, and team members that show the ambition to fulfill a customer’s expectations while maintaining these values.

Keeping an open line of communication is vital in any business relationship because situations arise and unforeseen changes occur. Following our principles, RPM team members are prepared for impending “moment of truth” situations that may come about on the jobsite. Through honest and open communication between all parties involved, any problem can be averted. Though theory and reality can be miles apart, due to many factors, we at RPM Landscape Contractor honor our commitments and do everything possible to get it right the first time.

Business Overview

RPM Landscape Contractor is a full service company with the capabilities to handle any type of exterior management project. From a small landscape improvement making a homeowner’s backyard more appealing and inviting, to a complete design and build for a national management company; RPM adopts the most advanced techniques in this ever changing industry to ensure that a project is completed in the most economical and efficient manner. This includes taking the initiative to be knowledgeable about and to implement new environmentally safe practices and products. After all being part of the green industry we feel that it is our responsibility to have a role in educating the community to be more environmentally conscious.

We at RPM utilize the latest landscape design software in the industry to ensure that customers have an accurate, clear picture of their project and the necessary steps it will take to complete that project. RPM holds periodical on site meetings with customers throughout the length of a project to keep the client informed and ensure satisfaction. We have also expanded our catalogue of services in recent years to better meet the needs of our clients; to ensure that we can provide clients with the best possible service on the market.