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Snow Removal

South Jersey Snow & Ice Removal

Although we know that everybody enjoys a free snow day, at RPM we understand that it’s just not possible to simply shut down your business because of a winter storm. That being said RPM snow services takes a proactive approach to assure your doors open on time with your customers and employees safety as our top priority.

Before the threat of inclement weather we will work with you to assemble a comprehensive snow and ice management plan that allows us to best suit the needs of your specific business and property. Our work begins months before the snow even begins falling, analyzing your property and taking pictures with the sole purpose of mapping out and documenting different hazards and characteristics unique to your property. This ensures that our snow professionals have all necessary tools and information to maintain your property keeping it CLEAN, SAFE, and ACCESSIBLE throughout the winter season. These measures we implement remain the most important step in our successful snow removal operation because winter weather is very demanding and this method of preparation ensures that RPM maintains the integrity of you property.

Days before a potential storm begins threatening its fury we constantly monitor different sets of meteorological data and changing radar projections to keep you informed of any adjustments to your snow management plan. Taking the time to thoroughly analyze an impending winter storm and what to expect in its aftermath, allows for us to plan according to the time of day and the day of the week a storm will hit. If winter weather is projected to hit on a Friday morning and there is a warming trend forecasted for the weekend, we will take this into account to manage your budget and our resources differently than if a winter storm is set to cripple your area late on a Monday evening with prolonged frigid temperatures in the forecast. From our years of experience in the snow industry we recognize how valuable our advanced monitoring techniques are in helping us gain to an advantage over Mother Nature and our competition.

We require complete documentation from our snow professionals of all services performed to your property, from the time it took to clear your parking area to the amount of deicing salt used. Every snow event is recorded and stored in your customer portfolio with hourly reports, snow amounts, calcium and salt amounts, site conditions, and notes that help us to better service you. This allows us the best chance to manage your yearly budget from one storm to the next, continually exceeding your expectations and helping us to monitor performance and protect your best interest.