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Tree Stump Removal

While southern New Jersey enjoys a wide number of beautiful and diverse trees, there are times when a tree must be removed. Trees that are diseased, decayed, overgrown, damaged or just aged can be a hazard to people and property. Professional tree removal is key to getting a landscape looking its best again,while providing a safe outdoor environment for all.

But once a tree has been safely removed, what do you do about the tree stump left behind? That’s when you call experts in tree stump removal. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing has been done and a tree stump has been left to age and harden in place. Tree stumps are not only an eyesore, but they are also a danger.

Tree stumps, when not completely removed, can cause a trip hazard, impede effective lawn mowing, and create an environment for weeds and disease. Tree stumps are the worst, but tree stump removal doesn’t have to be.


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Our Tree Stump Removal Services


Serving the greater Atlantic County, New Jersey area, RPM Landscape Contractor not only provides professional tree removal service, but we also offer fast, cost-effective, tree stump removal. Our team is experienced in removing stubborn trees stumps to help create an environment for new growth, improve the safety of your property, and beautify your landscape. We provide tree stump removal in every type of landscape, including difficult-to-reach places and on sloping ground.

Often, removing or digging out a tree stump is a more difficult job than tree removal itself. Stump-removal products can be unsafe for the environment and take a long time to break down and destroy the tree stump wood. When you’ve got a tree stump spoiling your landscape, you want it gone – fast.

RPM Landscape Contractor has the experience, correct equipment, and safety measures to quickly and efficiently remove stumps from your property.


We provide service to Ocean City, Cape May, Toms River, Medford Township, Vineland, and throughout Atlantic County, New Jersey. Our tree stump removal process includes an evaluation of the property and tree stump and an accurate estimate for the service.

For tree removal, the RPM Landscape Contractor team can provide complete removal of the tree, stump, and all debris. For homeowners and commercial property owners looking for just tree stump removal, the RPM Landscape Contractor team can provide stump grinding services that will remove evidence of a tree that is long gone. Our services are backed by years of professional experience and available throughout Atlantic County.


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