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Water usage from irrigation systems accounts for a major portion of the water consumption in our world today. Since water is not a limitless resource doing our part to ensure that we conserve it properly is our number one responsibility as an environmentally conscious Irrigation Contractor.
Water management is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives with the threat of new water restrictions looming with every day that passes. This being a constant reality, we at RPM Landscape Contractor strive to do our part to ensure proper water usage; making sure your irrigation system is fully functional and as efficient as possible. Not only do proper watering techniques conserve water, these techniques help to protect your landscape investment, and assure your water bill remains steady within your budget.

RPM’s certified irrigation technicians specialize in all areas of irrigations systems – installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and emergency on site repairs. Our crews come equipped with all necessary parts and equipment to ensure they can diagnose and repair your system quickly, efficiently, and correctly. We follow all state and local requirements regarding installation of new irrigation systems, assuring the customer their system is installed with precision and the wise use of water in mind. Requiring our technicians to participate in continuing education courses allow us to send them to the job with confidence, knowing that they are prepared with the most knowledge possible.

Beyond basic irrigation maintenance RPM offers full service irrigation programs. We will conduct evaluations and monitor your turf and landscape with respects to your irrigation system, which will enable us to customize your system relative to season and maturity of your landscape. Monitoring your system may seem minor but it is an effective way to help reduce your water consumption and is a step in the right direction to help reduce your imprint on our environment.