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Tree Trimming Service

From oaks to maples, poplars to pines, southern New Jersey homes and businesses benefit from beautiful, healthy, and mature trees – especially when it comes to proper tree trimming service. While they are an asset to any landscape, it can be difficult to know just when a tree needs maintenance or additional care.

Trees in residential and commercial landscapes help with erosion control, provide a natural sound barrier, and offer shade that can, in turn, reduce utility and energy costs. When properly cared for, trees throughout Atlantic County, New Jersey provide long-term beauty for our local environment.
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When to Get Tree Trimming Service in Southern New Jersey

For trees that have dead or diseased branches, a tree trimming service will help prevent disease from spreading or organisms from entering the tree and creating more damage. If a tree’s canopy of leaves is too dense, correct pruning can increase sunlight and air to limit disease issues. Branches that cross and rub against each other can make trees susceptible to disease and need trimming.

Pruning of trees does more than limit disease or damage. Professional tree trimming can help a tree maintain or form a more natural, attractive shape. Some trees develop more than one dominant leader branch that can weaken a tree or make it more prone to damage during severe weather. Finally, proper pruning stimulates growth in areas of a tree that is sparse or bare.

RPM Landscape Contractor has offered professional tree trimming services for years throughout Atlantic County, including Ocean City, Cape May, Medford Township, Vineland, Toms River and more.


Our expert team can help maintain the beauty and health of all types of trees, plant new trees, safely remove trees, and provide emergency tree services when needed.

RPM Landscape Contractor tree trimming service uses many techniques to improve the health of every tree through precise pruning techniques:

  • Thinning properly trims tree branches to provide additional light and air, allow the wind to safely blow without damage, and improve the look and shape of each tree.
  • Elevating removes branches that are too low on the tree trunk to provide clearance for walkways and lawn mowing plus provide more air and light for underneath the tree.
  • Crown reduction pruning can tame trees that are overgrown by lowering the overall height or redirecting a tree away from a house or structure.
  • Fine pruning removes the small limbs and sucker growth at the base of a tree to improve its overall shape and not divert water or nutrients away from the tree.
  • Hazard trimming is needed for trees that pose a risk or safety concern and is especially useful to manage tree growth for electric utilities to avoid limbs providing stress on power lines.

Our professional tree pruning services include examining each tree to diagnose tree health and identify areas of stress. RPM Landscape Contractor technicians will determine if infestation, disease or other environmental factors are creating issues for trees and take steps needed to help the tree recover.


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For tree trimming, landscape and maintenance services, call RPM Landscape Contractor at (609) 568-6081 or contact us online to explore how to make sure your trees are in the best shape possible for beauty and growth!