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Seasonal Clean Ups

Complete Parking Area Maintenance and Lot Sweeping Services

We offer complete parking lot cleaning programs; when lot maintenance is performed on a regular basis it helps you to build a competitive advantage for your business. The cleanliness and overall presentation of your commercial property is key when it comes to attracting potential customers. Nobody wants to pull into a place of business and see the parking area littered with trash and debris. Allowing your customers to see your parking lot in a poor state might make them question the integrity of that business. The condition of your parking area is the first impression on a likely customer, so making sure they develop a positive outlook on something as simple as your parking lot may just give your business the edge that it needs to succeed.

Why Should You Keep Your Parking Area Clean?

Maintaining the appeal of you parking area is a reasonably affordable service and is completed after your business has closed for the day, so we do not disturb any of your patrons or give potential customers a reason to go somewhere else. We start and work from the building outward to allow our team members the ability to gather trash and other types of debris in the most effective method possible. We will blow off all door way entrances and walkways around the building(s), clearing debris from curb lines and finally sweeping the entire parking area including entrances and exits. Dirt and sand have abrasive qualities that will deteriorate the paving material if left to stay and lay on your parking lot. Replacement of your paving material is a very expensive procedure and far outweighs the expense of routine lot maintenance. Spraying the cracks to kill and prevent weeds from pushing their way through is another quality control method that we at RPM like to take if it is not already included in your lawn maintenance contract. Our services also include the monitoring of your outside trash receptacles to assure you that they get emptied as needed and do not produce any odors. We at RPM know how hard you work to successfully run your business, so let us give you a hand to ensure your business’s parking area maintains the professionalism that you require from the rest of your business.