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Tree Services

Trees are often some of the most valuable assets in your landscape. Caring for them properly not only ensures their health and beauty, but trees help to reduce your environmental impact. They help reduce utility costs, provide effective erosion control, offer a natural sound barrier, and protect you from the wind. RPM Tree Care offers a comprehensive number of services ranging from the incorporation of newly planted trees into a landscape, to assessing the health of a mature tree and determining if it is safe or should be removed. Too often in the world today our trees and forests are taken for granted. They have so much to offer and if cared for properly provide unmatched displays of color and help give our environment a fighting chance.

Tree & Shrub Planting
Properly planting a tree or shrub in the right area, while using correct practices, will allow that tree the greatest chance to mature fully and add character to your property for decades to come. Our vast array of knowledge and expertise allows us to help the customer understand the process and show them what to look for, so they can do their part to guarantee the health and longevity of their trees or shrubs. Supplying our customers with this knowledge helps RPM provide quality service at the lowest possible cost.

Tree pruning & Maintenance
Without proper pruning techniques your trees have the potential to become more susceptible to certain environmental factors that have a negative effect on healthy long term growth. To avoid long term damage to the most important asset in your landscape, expert pruning on a consistent basis allows for the development of healthy trees while minimizing the potential for liability on your property. At RPM, we make it affordable for you to maintain the health and beauty of your trees, offering free consultations to recommend what is right for you.

Tree Health Management
Many factors contribute to the stress of a tree, and a thorough examination is imperative to diagnose the health of that tree and the cause of its stress. Understanding different types of infestations, diseases, and environmental factors that lead to a sick tree, we possess the ability to accurately assess the problem and take essential steps to aid in the recovery of that tree. Certain strides can be taken, from inception through full maturity, which will help your trees remain healthy protecting their defenses from insects and disease.

Tree removal & Stump Grinding
Although we don’t wish to see any tree removed from its habitat, it is a necessary part of proper tree care. Whatever the reason, a tree cannot recover from disease or the liability to leave a tree is just too great, we at RPM provide complete tree removal operations with properly trained and knowledgeable professionals who are in full compliance of all state and local safety regulations. As one of the most difficult and dangerous operations, we have the necessary resources to complete the job while maintaining the utmost regard for safety.

Bracing & Cabling
Some trees need special attention to remain a safe and productive aspect of your landscape. No matter what the reason, RPM and its qualified staff will restore your tree to its original state allowing for continued growth while ensuring that your tree remains healthy during this stressful period.

Emergency Storm Services
RPM specializes in providing 24/7 emergency services responding quickly to assess your property damage while offering a cost effective and timely clean up. Are you ready for the next round of storms? Give RPM a call and we will come out to evaluate your storm readiness to ensure the safety of you and your family. Proactive pruning of dead branches and dangerous overhanging limbs will reduce the risk of damage to your property and will provide a less costly expense than that of the clean-up from the next big storm.

Utility Services
We provide top notch trimming services to utility companies, including Verizon Communications, to ensure the delivery of utilities safely and effectively. Our services include routine trimming and thinning to allow for interruption free service for all utility customers. RPM helps to clear the path through thick cover and brush to allow for the installation of new utility lines. We offer a 24/7 on-call service to all utilities in the event of an emergency situation requiring RPM to assist in restoring utility services in a timely manner. Our full service tree care approach assures our clients the ability to perform their duties stress free knowing that RPM Tree Care Services is on the job.